This website is organised by a group of Palestinian volunteers based in a number of countries around the world. It features information on the various campaigns for PNC elections, as well as  resources for anybody interested in learning more and getting involved.

The website has been launched ahead of the civic voter registration to the PNC that is set to begin in 2013, in order to bring together the collective efforts of those organising the registration drive in different countries. Palestinian associations, networks, institutions and activists are mobilising and raising awareness about these national rights in order to advance the cause of national unity and reactivate the PLO, through elections to the PNC.

A number of those working in the campaign are also involved with the Facilitation Office (FO) of the registration drive, the body that has organised the technical mechanism for registration. You can find out more about how this mechanism works by visiting

If you are running a campaign in your area, want some more information or advice, or would like news of the activities in your community or refugee camp about the campaign to be put on the website, please contact us here.