PNC registration machine ready for voter registration


The Facilitation Office (FO) of the civic registration drive for PNC elections is pleased to announce that the secure electronic registration machine for PNC elections has now been completed, after many months of logistical and technical preparations. It is ready for use by Palestinian associations, camps, and communities so they can register to vote for their national parliament, the Palestine National Council (PNC), for the very first time.

The registration mechanism has been built to provide Palestinians in a variety of different locations and circumstances with the opportunity to register to vote, whilst maintaining the highest international standards of safety and security in the creation of this primary register. The procedures of the registration process are simple: Palestinian civic associations wishing to run a voter registration drive can do so through a secure low-cost process, as part of a popularly-driven, national initiative. The procedures applied reflect international best practice and standards, and have been developed with the relevant national and international institutions to ensure equality of principle and practice across our exile and refugee communities, mindful of the obstacles and challenges faced by each.

The start of registration allows the Palestinian people to take up their role in reactivating the national institutions of the PLO, the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, through elections to the PNC, as called for by the National Higher Reconciliation Committee. The registration drive brings these elections one step closer and reaffirms the principles agreed to in the National Call for Registration.

This public announcement includes details and information on the registration machine, the functions of the register and the main steps of organizing a civic drive, all which can be found on the Information on where and when to register in each country will be placed on the website as soon as the associations have prepared and arranged their collective plans. A FAQs has also been provided as a quick reference.

Further public information and background documents regarding the technical aspects of the machine as well as the registration procedures will be available on the website over the coming weeks. If there are further questions regarding the registration mechanism, you can contact the Facilitation Office (FO) through the email available on the website:

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