This civic registration drive takes place within an older and broader campaign for direct elections to the Palestinian National Council (PNC). The call for direct elections to the PNC has three components: it is the official policy of the PLO, it is the national consensus, and it is a popular civic demand around which Palestinian communities in the homeland and shatat have mobilised.

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Palestinians in exile and an elected Palestine National Council

  By Oraib Al Rantawi.   A decision has been made to exclude Palestinian refugees in Jordan from the ballot boxes for the forthcoming elections to the Palestine National Council (PNC). As far as we know, this is a matter upon which there is general agreement; at the very least, it is accepted by all the major...


It's time for all Palestinians to be heard

  By Ahmed Moor. Palestinians have big decisions to make. Their national movement has followed a singular trajectory for decades but now they are at a historic juncture. Yet they lack representative leaders who are capable of steering them ably into the future. That is because no Palestinian currently commands the weighty authority of electoral legitimacy. Consequently, the...