This civic registration drive takes place within an older and broader campaign for direct elections to the Palestinian National Council (PNC). The call for direct elections to the PNC has three components: it is the official policy of the PLO, it is the national consensus, and it is a popular civic demand around which Palestinian communities in the homeland and shatat have mobilised.

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Towards a “Palestinian Spring”

  By Jamil Hilal.   Palestinian youth are asking how the popular democratic uprisings in Arab countries can inform their national struggle. They launched the first intifada in 1987 and fueled the second intifada in 2000, and they believe they have a role to play in the Arab youth uprisings calling for democratic changes. Palestinian political and civil...


The single demand that can unite the Palestinian people

  By Dr. Karma Nabulsi.   After another week of breathtaking demonstrations from Jordan to Yemen heralding dramatic revolutionary change, in occupied Palestine things appear much the same. The repetitions of bombing, air attacks on civilians, muted international protests, and dubious gestures towards a bankrupted peace process: all lend an air of futility and hopelessness to the trajectory of...